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Orthodontics is a specialist branch of dentistry concerned with the realignment of the teeth and jaws to improve the appearance and function of the teeth and face. An attractive smile is a vital asset to personal self-confidence.

Treatments available

Our fully accredited orthodontists can provide the full range of orthodontic treatment depending on your needs and preferences.

We can offer:
conventional metal brace

Conventional metal braces (“train tracks”).

train tracks braces
Metal self-ligating low-friction braces

Metal self-ligating low-friction braces.

metal self-ligating brace
Cosmetic looking braces

Cosmetic looking braces (ceramic brackets).

ceramic brackets
Incognito appliance

Braces fitted onto the inner surfaces of teeth (lingual braces, using WIN and Incognito appliance).

lingual braces
Transparent removable invisible braces

Transparent removable virtually invisible braces (Invisalign).

invisible braces

First appointment


Your first appointment is for an initial assessment only. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parent or guardian

For children, the initial assessment is £99. For adults, the assessment will be on a private contract only.

At the appointment, you will be asked to fill in a medical questionnaire. It may be necessary to take some radiographs (x-ray) to complete the assessment. Please remove all ear rings, hair clips or other metallic objects worn on the head and neck areas beforehand to facilitate this procedure.

After a thorough examination, it should be possible for the orthodontist to advise you if you would benefit from having treatment, if you are ready for treatment and if so, an outline about possible treatment options. However, a detailed treatment plan will not be available until further records are taken and assessed.

You are free to decide if you would like to proceed with the treatment proposed. If you need further information, please feel free to ask any member of our team.



The assessment fee is payable on the day by cheque, in cash, by credit or debit cards. Cost of treatment itself depends on the complexity of your case and the appliances required. For all private treatments, you will be provided with a written treatment proposal and quotation after detailed records are taken and assessed. A monthly standing order payment option is available.

Scale of Fees
Consultation £99
Single arch labial appliance £2546 - £3040
Both arches labial appliances £3287 - £4760
Lingual appliance 1 arch From £3560
Lingual appliance 2 arches From £5552
Invisible aligners From £1966
Records & Treatment plan Included in standard fees
Ceramic brackets option Included in standard fees
Self-ligating brackets option Included in standard fees
A monthly payment option is available  


Every effort will be made to ensure you have your appointments at a time convenient to you. In addition to the normal practice hours, we reserve 4:00-6:00pm on weekdays and some Saturday morning sessions for private appointments.

We try our best to see all our patients on time. To achieve this, we rely on all our patients to arrive on time. We are very grateful for your cooperation to enable the practice to run smoothly.

If you have to cancel an appointment, we would appreciate 24 hours’ notice. This enables us to make alternative arrangements and let someone else take up the slot. A fee maybe charged for missed appointments or late cancellations.

Private Orthodontic Treatment

Private Orthodontics